Elash, Mitawa, Etsugal and Rhaeza went on an achievements-frenzy Monday night, knocking out Heroic Dungeon achievements that were missed in the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion and earning the Glory of the Hero meta-achievement for those that were especially close. Following the achievement runs the 4-some took a crack at Sartharion 3D (10), and despite being plagued by connectivity issues managed to get the Dragon down under 10%. A little more time and those Black Drake mounts will be de rigueur in the guild!

Creating a User account for the Forums

Clockwork Gnome

To post on the forums and do other fun stuff like add an Avatar Image to your profile, please click the “Create User Account” link on the sidebar to the right.

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Forums LIVE!

Horde BannerFinally got the forums up and working – please let me know if you experience any problems! You can use the same account on the forums as you use to post comments here. We’ll be adding categories and sub-forums as needed as things progress.

Forum can be accessed at:

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Guild Roster

Check out the new guild roster being pulled automatically from the Armory: BloodHorde Guild Roster


Changing of the Guard

With a heavy heart Moriendi (Nastale / Raidence) has stepped down from the leadership of the guild due to the ongoing pesky thing known as “RL”.  The decision was not easy, as Moriendi has been with the guild since vanilla and has lead us to some of our greatest victories throughout the years.

In his stead one of the original Warmasters of the guild has taken up post to ensure the guild does not fall.  Meet the new boss, same as the old boss… You might know him better as Raijen (Priest) or Drachon (Paladin), but you’ll mostly find him these days on Rhaeza (Elemental Shaman), Vrynn (Warrior) or Khore.

RARRRRR Bloodhorde!!!!


You just can’t keep a good guild down…

Welcome to the NEW BloodHorde website! We’re just getting moved in but will figure ourselves out sooner or later…